DJ Sundae – SANPO 059 [Sanpo Disco]

A brand new mix from the Parisian crate-digger,  DJ Sundae. His recent collaboration with Julien Dechery on the Sky Girl compilation was undoubtedly one of highlights from 2016. DJ Sundae’s mix on the inaugural Hollie Mix Series in 2011 and his mix on TP a couple of years later were also excellent. His latest effort on the SANPO DISCO blog doesn’t disappoint. Here’s the blurb from the blog:

Sky Girl was one of last year’s most memorable and deeply engaging releases. It featured a sublime and understated collection of DIY folk-pop and new wave oddities carefully compiled by French collectors DJ Sundae and Julien Dechery for Michael Kucyk’s emerging re-issue label EFFICIENT SPACE. This week’s mix comes from the deft hands of co-compiler, Sundae, and maintains the ethereal and melancholic sentiment of the comp.

In the past, Sundae has retrieved and reissued Arthur Russell’s forgotten collaboration Nirosta Steel and DIY relic Pitch for his labels Hollie and Idle Press respectively. He also co-hosts the radio-show No Weapon Is Absolute on Rinse FM w/ Cosmo Vitelli


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