Nancy Noise – Sanpo 063 [Sanpo Disco]

After spending the summer of ‘86, dancing every night at Ibiza’s open-air club Amnesia, Nancy returned home to London and began amassing the records she loved from sets by Amnesia’s residents Leo Mas & Alfredo Fiorito. Eventually she was invited by Paul Oakenfold to play at Future, a party which pioneered the Balearic and Acid-House sound in London. This was the beginning of Nancy’s career as a DJ. It’s around thirty years since, and all the names just mentioned have basically gained legend-status. In recent times, Nancy has provided numerous mixtapes to sites like Test Pressing, played alongside the likes of Phil Mison and Leo Mas, and this year released her first single titled ‘Kaia’ on Beyond Paradise Recordings.

This one’s perfect for sunny skies in the northern hemisphere, and even the bittersweet arrival of autumn in Melbourne!


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