Hunee – Essential Mix [BBC Radio 1]

“Hunee steps into the DJ booth with a crate-digging mix of hard-to-find techno, electronica, disco and afrobeat spanning five decades.” – BBC

Hunee – Essential Mix 2017-04-29 tracklist:
Hiroshi Yoshimura – Creek [Air Records]
June11 – White Bird [Stroom]
Martin Kornberger & Volker Kuhn – Violet Jewels [Syntape]
Andy Rantzen – Will I Dream [Efficient Space]
Karamika – Ton 6 [ESP Institute]
Paschen’s Law – Magnifying Transmitter [Walhalla Records]
Bufiman – Peace Moves [Dekmantel]
Senyaka – Bayanyonyoba [Rush Hour]
Unknown – Untitled (Johnny Rock Edit) [CockTail d’Amore Music]
Albion – Midnite Magic [People Must Jam]
Carlos Cutaia – Operativo [Emotional Rescue]
Frak – 888 [Kontra-Musik]
S.O.N.S – Acid Dreams (Trance Jungle Mix) [S.O.N.S.]
Daywalker & CF – Easter [L.I.E.S.]
Beck, Nash, Reyenga – Metaclaw (Gilbert Cohen Remix) [Offen Music]
Kalbata – Al Shark (Part Two) [Fortuna Records]
Thee J. Johanz – Move Your Butty (Thee J Johanz Rework) [Ballyhoo]
Haruomi Hosono – Laugh-Gas [Epic]
Automat – Rise / Advance / Genus [Harvest]
Aborted at Line 6 – Mammut (Extended Version) [Off Course]
Sociedades en Tetra Brik – Tempo Limite [Tetra Brik]
Aubrey – Data Block [Out-Er]
Pieces of Pensive State of Mind – Echoic [U-Trax]
Heiko Laux – Moved (Ricardo Villalobos Remix) [Kanzleramt]
Unknown – Untitled [NDATL Muzik]
Robbie Cee – Beautiful People (Instrumental) [Z Records]
Brighter Side of Darkness – Disco Ball [Magic Touch]
Closencounter – Let Yourself Go [Numero Group]
Kallaloo – Star Chil (Long Version) [IDA]
Rodrigue Gauthier – Bon Conseille [R. Francis Entertainment]
Tohon Stanislas – Owhaaou! (Raphael Top-Secret Edit) [Rush Hour]
Unknown – Unknown
Jorge Reyes & Antonio Zepeda – Wawaki [Emotional Rescue]
Skandal – Fe Ca Ki Bien [Flarenasch]

Music Source: BBC

Tracklist Source: Thomaslaupstad



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