Basso (The Growing Bin) – 11 Jazz-Rock Greats [Ban Ban Ton Ton]


Fly – Carnival

Fences – Fussreise

George Duke  – Foosh

Surya – Aspiring Answer

Chris Kemmler – Desire

Cahen & Lockwood – Thank You Joe

Daniel Bechet – Astral Dance

Alex Cima – Equateur

Nicki Mitchell – Plumbjam

Manfred Burzlaff  – Changing Places

Chinchilla – Don’t Kill Your Fantasy

Source: Ban Ban Ton Ton

Ban Ban Ton Ton

I first heard of on-line record store, The Growing Bin, and it`s master, Basso, when friends like Aficionado`s Moonboots and Keyboard Masher`s Kenny Wisdom, started name-dropping the site in posts on the dearly missed DJHistory forum. Citing it as a source of discerning dance-floor friendly European Folk obscurities. When I checked it out, then, like now, all of it was alien to me. A whole unknown world of privately-pressed treasure accompanied by short humorous recommendations. “The Bin” is a place where vinyl-obsessives like me choose to wile away their free minutes. Scrolling down the New Arrivals. The same way normal folk might forefinger nudge through their Facebook newsfeed. Or jump from one Youtube recommendation to the next.

In 2013 The Growing Bin became a record label. Releasing Ambient, Jazz, and the overlap there of. Plus the Pop of Shy Layers. Which made Pitchfork`s “20 Best Electronic Albums Of 2016”…

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