Psychemagik, Billy Caldwell & Justin Strauss (06/10/17) [The Lot Radio]

Psychemagik – The UK duo, known for their sensational edits, obscenely vast record collections, beautiful production work and transcendent mixtape journeys, are being heralded as a truly unique and positive presence in today’s music scene. – Bandcamp


Justin Strauss and Billy Caldwell have both played their part in dance music history; Justin in New York in the 1980s at venues like the Mudd Club, The Ritz and AREA and Billy in Manchester at venues like The Hacienda and HOME in the UK.

After the pair met in 2002 it didn’t take long for them to collaborate. Billy convinced Justin to come out of retirement to play at Groovejet and ever since they’ve played hundreds of gigs together. With thousands of records between the two of them, the pair bring different sounds to the table, whether it be Balearic, cosmic, disco, house, new wave and acid, but their selections always make you want to dance. – Good Room


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