Afrobot (15/06/17) [Red Light Radio]

Afrobot is a true crate digger and an esteemed figure in the Rotterdam culture scene. Furthermore, he has his own monthly show on Red Light Radio and he produces edits, some released on vinyl by Salamanca Records.

In his eternal search for danceable music he became, with a detour through wave, house, techno and disco, a true connaisseur of exotic music. As his name might have given away, it is mostly music from Africa in which he found his love. However, this doesn’t mean he exclusively deals with African music, it’s maybe where it began. His quest for music brings him to every musical corner of the globe. ‘Everywhere there is something you could find. Music seems like a bottomless pit’ according to Afrobot

Willfull is a word one could use to describe Afrobot in his music. Always searching for the unknown, but still looking for a familiar feel. ‘I am always looking for obscure records when I’m digging. I don’t want to play what others are playing. That bores me. But I do want to play tracks that feel like you heard them before, but you don’t necessarily know them already. And there always has to be some kind of electronic element. A synth line or a rickety drum machine in the background for example.’

His music also can’t be called world music by definition, but it’s the mix-up with European and American influences he likes. “The more confusing the better: a krautrock song with traditional ethnic instruments that sounds like an African record; that Nigerian boogie or Turkish disco track that are comparable to an American production and that Bollywood break that is a Kraftwerk copy. In music people have always liked to travel…”

Source: Resident Advisor


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