Max Essa (Is It Balearic…?) – ORIGINS #03

Originally from the U.K., Max currently lives and works in Japan as a DJ and producer for labels such as Is It Balearic?, Hell Yeah!, and Palms & Charms. We asked him to deliver a mix more uptempo than usual, the music he plays in the clubs of Tokyo. Here it is and it’s just lovely @max-essa – Origins


1. Ray Lugo – Valique
2. Voilaaa – On Te L’Avait (Dimitri edit)
3. The Jagger Botchway Group – Odze Odze (Africaine 808 remix)
4. ???? – Love Can’t Turn Around (Leo Zero edit)
5. Reverso 68 – Piece Together
6. Marius Circus – Veggepysj (Prins Thomas Remix)
7. Bryan Ferry – Loop Di Li (Ray Mang Remix)
8. Verdo – Big Fish (Lauer Remix)
9. The Lost Tape – Channel Affair
10. Noche Española – Noche Española
11. Daniele Baldelli – Waka Kossa (Komodo Dub Edit)
12 . James Hadfield – Love & Affection


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