John Gómez – Dekmantel Podcast 130 [Dekmantel]

John Gómez is a new school tastemaker. The London based, Madrid born DJ has ties to essential collectives like Rush Hour—who he represents on a regular NTS show—as well as Invisible City and Music From Memory, for whom he recently compiled the critically acclaimed Outro Tempo: Electronic and Contemporary Music from Brazil, 1978-1992. A deep digging, versatile selector, he covers everything from house to afro, forgotten soul to niche disco. The best place to hear all these is at Tangent, the top East London party he has run with Nick the Record for the last few years.

Across seventy odd minutes here, John keeps things sunny and tropical, with worldly sounds from niche disco, boogie and afro scenes all over the world. Each track oozes a sense of musicality as well as a solid underlying groove. The tracks feel joyful and happy, innocent and inviting and are all sequenced in a way that allows each one to really shine. All in all, it makes for a perfect soundtrack to a summer’s afternoon. – Dekmantel


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