Dr Rob – Ten Years Of Claremont 56 / Top 10 (Plus 3) [Ban Ban Ton Ton]

From Dr. Rob’s Ban Ban Ton Ton blog:

Here are my favourites from the last ten years of Claremont 56.

Four Hands construct sleepy tides of strings and electronics. Phil Mison makes the Okinawa Delays sound like Japanese angels. FreshRo! stir to gentle tablas. Mudd works his magic on the acoustic strum and violin of Shane MacGowan`s Post-Pogues band, The PopesHolger Czukay`s seminal tape and shortwave experiment, My Persian Love, gets the three Rs: Remixed, Remastered, Reissued. Holger and partner, U-She, collaborate with Ben & Paul (Smith & Murphy) as Bison. For Beat Poetry and Doors-inspired Noir-Rock. U-She sings in French. Yet manages to conjure the decadence of Christopher Isherwood`s Weimar Republic Berlin. In Dub. Rheinlust make sweet modern Motorik microtones. Cos / Mes transform Torn Sail`s plea for alternatives and tolerance into cybernetic bubblebath. A Deep Space Cosmic jungle that borrows from Quiet Village. Both Martin Denny`s Exotica and Joel & Matt Edwards` ambient excursions. Paqua do a Batteaux Brothers with their blue-eyed Soul. Mudd & Pollardpair-up for an orchestrated mix of Stop Bajon and Hamilton Bohannon. Smith & Mudd`sErrogie is funky Folk recorded on the banks of Loch Mhor. Their 24 / 7 sees them invoke Summer. And The Smiths` Cemetery Gates.


Four Hands – Hizou – 2010

Okinawa Delays – Nariyama Ayagu – 2017

FreshRo – Pacific State – 2010

The Popes – Bastards (Mudd Mix) – 2010

Holger Czukay – My Persian Love (Remix) – 2010

Bison – Way To LA – 2010

Holger Czukay & U-She – La Premiere (Garden) – 2012

Fursattl – Rheinlust – 2012

Torn Sail – Birds (Cos Mes Remix) – 2011

Paqua – The Visitor – 2012

Smith & Mudd – Errogie – 2016

Mudd & Pollard – Mawson`s Walk – 2013

Smith & Mudd – 24-7 – 2008


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